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Why We <3 Red Hook

15 Nov

Red Hook from kathryn schubert on Vimeo.

Check out this amazing video produced by It beautifully explains what makes Red Hook special and how much damage the small-business owners suffered. It made me cry with love and appreciation over how remarkable our town is. There just aren’t words.

To help, consider giving to the local business community, most of whom are Red Hook Flicks sponsors. Here’s a list of donation sites.

– Rebuild Sunny’s

– Rebuild Home/Made

— Rebuild Steve’s Authentic Key Lime

– Rebuild the Bait & Tackle

– Rebuild the Good Fork

– Rebuild Fort Defiance

– Rebuild the Red Hook Lobster Pound

– Rebuild Metal & Thread

– Rebuild Added Value, our urban farm

– Donate to Restore Red Hook, the local business fund that they all created together

Rebuild Red Hook

10 Nov

Dear Red Hook Flicks supporters:

For the past three seasons, the local businesses of Red Hook have generously given their time and money to make our film series happen. We’ve had a magical time.

Now they need our help.

Most of our sponsors were flooded during Sandy and are having to rebuild from scratch. No power, no heat. Refrigerators gone. Everything destroyed. It’s going to be expensive and they can’t count on insurance.  (Here’s why.)

So please think about donating to the various fundraising campaigns to rebuild our neighborhood and our vibrant local businesses, which are the heart and soul of Red Hook.

— Rebuild the Bait & Tackle

— Rebuild the Good Fork

— Rebuild Fort Defiance

— Rebuild the Red Hook Lobster Pound

— Rebuild Metal & Thread

— Donate Restore Red Hook, the local business fund that they all created together

Thank you.

Amy + The Red Hook Flicks volunteer team

BLADE … now at Bait & Tackle

14 Aug

The rain gods don’t love us. There is a 50% chance of rain all night. So BLADE will now be showing at the Red Hook Bait and Tackle (corner of Van Brunt and Pioneer streets).

The silver lining? Now you can have a beer with that beef brisket sandwich from Mile End Deli, popcorn from Home/Made and pies from Steve’s.

Show starts at 8:30 p.m. And yes kids are welcome, though this is an R movie. Just sayin’.


BLADE … coming 8/14

9 Aug

UPDATE: The BLADE show will go on regardless of weather. If it’s too wet at the pier, we will show the movie at the Red Hook Bait and Tackle. We will make a rain call by 6 p.m. Watch this space for the decision. 

Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, and Stephen Dorff battle it out against a smokin techno soundtrack for the future of the human race in the 90s cult-classic vampire flick, BLADE. Forget everything you learned about vampires in Twilight–not to mention that whole Lilith thing on True Blood. This is one serious blood god we’re up against and the Daywalker is our only hope. Check out the trailer here.

As always, the show starts at 8:30 p.m. But come early for dinner from MILE END DELI and THE O’CONNELL ORGANIZATION. They are serving cured and smoked beef brisket on housebaked rye with mustard. It’s just $8.

Plus, we have popcorn from Home/Made (1$) and tarts from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies ($3). And don’t miss the pre-show entertainment of an old Popeye cartoon brought to us by Sunny’s Bar.

ZOMBIELAND … coming 8/7

3 Aug

Nut up or shut up!

That’s right ZOMBIELAND, the new zombie cult classic, is coming to Valentino Pier on Tuesday, August 7.

And for all of you who have been trying — and failing — to eat at POK POK, they are the evening’s sponsor, along with REALTY COLLECTIVE. That means… POK POK for dinner!

What’s on the menu? Khao Man Som Tams. What’s that you ask? Here’s what Pok Pok says…

Khao Man Som Tam is a sweet shredded pork cooked in palm sugar and black soy over coconut rice, topped with fried shallots and cilantro, and served with a side of Papaya salad.

We also have popcorn from Home/Made ($1) and tarts from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies ($3). All proceeds benefit Red Hook Flicks.

And don’t forget to come early to catch the Popeye cartoon brought to us by Sunny’s Bar.

Film rolls at 8:30-ish.

ALIEN … coming 7/31

26 Jul

Prepare to be scared.

Thirty three years after Ridley Scott’s original ALIEN terrified audiences …. it comes to Valentino Pier. See it on July 31.

Dinner comes courtesy of our sponsors, WATERFRONT KITCHENS and MARK’S PIZZA. Plus we have excellent movie snacks: popcorn from Home/Made for $1 and key lime tarts from Steve’s for $3.

Film rolls around 8:45 p.m. Our weekly installment of Popeye cartoons, brought to us by Sunny’s Bar, shows at 8:30 p.m.

Come early to get a good spot on the lawn. Film rolls around 8:30 p.m.


18 Jul

I love, love, love How to Train Your Dragon. I resisted seeing it — because it’s animated — and left wondering why I’d ever hesitated. The story is great, the dragons are adorable and it’s fun for everyone.

Don’t miss your chance to see it down at Valentino Pier on July 24. It will be memorable. It’s not just for kids. Trust me; you’ll be crying.

Plus, the main dragon looks just like Mr. Red Hook Flicks’ (that’s The Colonel to Red Hookers) cat, Dakota. It’s uncanny really.

Sponsors Brooklyn Ice House and Pickett Furniture are bringing the food. The menu isn’t set yet, but they always do kid-friendly fare (an adult guilty pleasure). Think mac and cheese, pulled pork and more.

We start the show with a Popeye cartoon brought to us by Sunny’s Bar.

Don’t forget the popcorn, either, from Home/Made and Key Lime Pie from Steve’s. Excellent snacks. We’ll also have kid-appropriate drinks on hand.

Film rolls around 8:30 p.m. (or when the light allows).


  1. Quiet, leashed dogs are welcome
  2. Move lawn chairs to the back and sides of the screening area
  3. Bikes should be locked to the fence, not brought on the lawn
  4. Drink at your own risk. The cops ticket
  5. The nearest bathroom is at Fairway
  6. Have fun!

Big Red Coming to TREMORS

16 Jul

Photo by New York Street Food (thank you!)


Big Red, as the RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND truck is known, usually prowls the streets of Manhattan. But she’s making an appearance at Valentino Pier tomorrow night (7/17) for the showing of TREMORS!

That’s right, enjoy Kevin Bacon fighting off giant earthworms while enjoying lobster rolls, lobster BLTs and more. What’s not to love?

If you need snacks, we’ll have popcorn from Home/Made for $1 and key lime tarts from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies for $3. Plus soda and water is always just a buck. (All proceeds benefit Red Hook Flicks.)

A huge thank you also goes to MOVERS NOT SHAKERS, the evening’s other sponsor. If you need a moving company, we can highly recommend Mark and his great team. (He was our friend before he was our sponsor, so we’re not just shillin’.)

See you at the pier. Film rolls at 8:30 (ish).

TREMORS is coming…7/17

11 Jul

“Be advised, however, that there are two more, repeat, two more motherhumpers!”

Oh, yes, that means it is time for TREMORS! And how can you go wrong with a Kevin Bacon flick down at the pier? We say you can’t…

Film rolls at 8:30 p.m. (or thereabouts, depending on sunset), with a pre-feature showing of old Popeye cartoons brought to us by Sunny’s Bar.

The food promises to be tasty — and movie appropriate — with Red Hook Lobster Pound and Movers Not Shakers bringing lobster rolls, lobster BLTs and more.

Need snacks? As always, we will have popcorn from Home/Made for $1 and key lime tarts from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies for $3. (It all goes fast…)

Same rules as always:

  1. There is no bathroom on site. The nearest one is at Fairway. Plan accordingly.
  2. No drinking. Really. The cops ticket.
  3. No bikes on the lawn; lock them up on the fence.
  4. Dogs are welcome, if quiet/on leash.
  5. Lawn chairs only at back of lawn – don’t block people sitting on blankets.

Check out the Tremors trailer on our schedule page.

Just watch out for what’s underground.

The Bathroom Saga

10 Jul

For those of you who have come down to Red Hook Flicks, you know we have one major issue… bathrooms.

That’s right. Valentino Pier does not have public bathrooms. Instead, visitors must go to Fairway or another local business and use their facilities.

We would like to provide our attendees with bathrooms. But there are a few reasons why we can’t make this happen.

  1. This is volunteer-run series. This is just something we do to bring some summer fun to our Red Hook neighborhood – in addition to our day jobs. Of course, as the series grows, we understand that people start to expect a greater scale of amenities. But for now, this really is a by-Red-Hook-for-Red-Hook series, so we work with what we have. We are so glad people from other neighborhoods come to join us, however.
  2. We grow and upgrade every year, but bathrooms aren’t within our budget. Since the beginning of the series three years ago, we’ve upgraded the projector (remember trying to see Jaws with the original weak projector?!); we’ve upgraded the sound system; we’ve even upgraded the food selection. However, having port-o-potties brought in is very expensive and hasn’t been within our budget.
  3. Again, bathrooms are very expensive. We run this series on a shoestring with sponsorship from local businesses and donations from the Red Hook community. As we all know, the economy has yet to recover and our sponsors are reaching deep into their pockets to make Red Hook Flicks happen. We are grateful and appreciative of every dollar they give us. We don’t feel right, in these tough economic times, asking them for several thousand more dollars per season.
  4.  There are liability issues. It is actually cheaper to have port-o-potties brought in and left on site for the entire 8-week season than it is to have them delivered and removed each week. That means, those port-o-potties are sitting there open for the other 6 days a week we’re not on site. And if tragedy strikes in one of those johns, well, the volunteer group could be held personally liable. It’s just too much risk for any one of us to take on.

We hope you understand and continue to come out and have fun with us. Just remember to plan your bathroom breaks accordingly.

Thank you!

Red Hook Flicks committee

Image by Sarah Pants on Flickr