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8 Jul


Summer’s here and the time is right for movies on the pier. And, if you’ve ever wondered what Ryan Reynolds, Neil Patrick Harris, a rabid raccoon, and those tender little burgers with those little, itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one have in common, then boy do we have a movie to kick off the summer film season for you! Starring John Cho and Kal Penn, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is brought to you by Movers Not Shakers! and Red Hook Lobster Pound.

Worried you’re going to have an extreme case of the munchies on Tuesday night? Well never fear, because the Pound will be on hand serving their famous lobster rolls ($20), alongside Berkshire pork and bacon hot dogs ($4), chips ($2), lemonade and iced tea ($4 each). And as alway’s Steve’s will stay open late serving the most insanely delicious and authentic Key Lime pies you’ve ever had. See you at the pier!

Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai . . . coming 8/8!

5 Aug


Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai is Jim Jarmusch’s most unique film and Red Hook Flicks is psyched to bring it to Valentino Pier on tuesday 8/8. Wrapping up the 90s, Ghost Dog, starring Forest Whitaker, tells the story of a loyal hit man with the moral code inspired by the Japanese Samurai tradition. Jarmusch and Whitaker create a surreal world where assassins, hip hop by Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, and cinematic aesthetics collide to a make a thriller ride.

As always our local sponsors make it all possible, Movers Not Shakers! and Lobster Pound. On the menu, Lobster Pound will be gracing us with a delicious fare of Lobster Rolls ($20), burgers (singles $8, double $12), and hot dogs ($4). They will also have frozen watermelon salad for $8.

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies will be open across the parking lot selling tarts and swingles. Dolce Brooklyn and King Leche Cremes will treat us to a selection of handmade gelato, sorbet, and goat’s milk ice cream.

See you at the pier everybody!

PITCH PERFECT . . . coming 8/16!

14 Aug


All right pitches, this Tuesday we’re bringing you the 2012 comedy favorite PITCH PERFECT! Starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, and Adam Devine, the film follows the Barden Bellas, a once championship, all-girl college a cappella group trying to sing its way back from disgrace as they square off against their male rivals, The Treblemakers.

PITCH PEFECT is being brought to you by Movers Not Shakers and The Red Hook Lobster Pound, and you know what that means–Big Red, The Pound’s food truck will be at the pier serving dinner. On the menu for Tuesday are Red Hook Dawgs (Berkshire pork and bacon wieners–$4), Watermelon Feta Salad ($6), and of course The Pound’s signature Lobster Roll ($19). Pair those with a key lime pie and limeade from Steve’s, or a KingLeche Cremes ice-cream bar and you’ve got a perfect meal for a sweltering night.

See you at the pier–it’s going to be a-ca-awesome!

COMING TO AMERICA . . . coming 7/14!

10 Jul


This Eddie Murphy classic answers the age-old question: Where does a poor-little-rich crown prince of Zamunda go to find a bride? Why, Queens of course! (And more precisely, a now unrecognizable Long Island City–but, hey, back then that’s where you went for all your romantic needs, not to mention fast food franchise rip-offs.) Murphy re-teams with TRADING PLACES director John Landis and stars alongside James Earl Jones and Arsenio Hall in this 80s comedy classic, brought to you this Tuesday by MOVERS NOT SHAKERS and RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND! The Pound’s food truck, Big Red, will be on site serving three kinds of lobster rolls ($17 each), hot dogs ($5), and more; Steve’s Key Lime will stay open late slinging their tarts and swingles; and F & M Bagels will be on hand with beverages. So bust out your Soul Glo, cue up your Sexual Chocolate records, and we’ll see you at the pier!

Neighborhood Choice: ON THE WATERFRONT . . . coming 8/26!

24 Aug



It’s hard to believe but this tuesday is our final film of the 2014 series– and it’s also the one that you, the audience, voted for! Our Neighborhood Choice this season is Elia Kazan’s 1954 classic ON THE WATERFRONT. Set in Red Hook, but filmed in Hoboken, ON THE WATERFRONT is based on a series of Pulitzer-Prize winning articles by Malcolm Johnson that examined the crime-riddled world of the New York docks. The film stars Marlon Brando as  the once-promising boxer Terry Malone as he attempts to stand up to his corrupt union bosses, and also features Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Rod Steiger, and, in her big-screen debut, Eva Marie Saint. It was nominated for a dozen Academy Awards, and won eight, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor for Brando, and Best Supporting Actress for Saint.

ON THE WATERFRONT is brought to you by MOVERS NOT SHAKERS and RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND, who will be serving their extraordinary lobster rolls (both Connecticut and Maine styles–$16), Red Hook Dawgs ($4), and Cape Cod Chips ($2). Plus as always, Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies will be open late across the parking lot and selling their tarts, pies, and swingles, King Leche Cremes will be on hand with their hand-crafted goats milk ice cream, and Heba Deli will be serving beverages. So come on down and celebrate the end of summer in style!


CADDYSHACK . . . Coming 8/20!

18 Aug


Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Bill Murray and one extremely recalcitrant gopher go at in the greatest golf comedy of all time! (Sorry HAPPY GILMORE.)

CADDYSHACK is brought to you by Movers Not Shakers! and the Red Hook Lobster Pound. Big Red–the nation’s #1 food truck–will be on hand selling their famous lobster rolls ($16), lobster BLTs ($10), Berkshire pork and bacon hot dogs ($4.50), milkshakes ($5), and root beer floats ($5). Steve’s Key Lime will as usual be open across the parking lot selling their fabulous tarts and swingles.

And this week, we have something extra–a little healthy competition, thanks to our sponsors!

DRESS UP for a chance to win PRIZES!!!

BEST GOLF PANTS wins you a $50 gift certificate to Red Hook Lobster Pound!

BEST GOLF HAT gets you a $100 off a move from Movers, Not Shakers!

Plus there’ll be a putting green with a chance to win more prizes.

The games begin at 6:30, movie rolls at 8:30. See you at the pier!

Big Red Coming to TREMORS

16 Jul

Photo by New York Street Food (thank you!)


Big Red, as the RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND truck is known, usually prowls the streets of Manhattan. But she’s making an appearance at Valentino Pier tomorrow night (7/17) for the showing of TREMORS!

That’s right, enjoy Kevin Bacon fighting off giant earthworms while enjoying lobster rolls, lobster BLTs and more. What’s not to love?

If you need snacks, we’ll have popcorn from Home/Made for $1 and key lime tarts from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies for $3. Plus soda and water is always just a buck. (All proceeds benefit Red Hook Flicks.)

A huge thank you also goes to MOVERS NOT SHAKERS, the evening’s other sponsor. If you need a moving company, we can highly recommend Mark and his great team. (He was our friend before he was our sponsor, so we’re not just shillin’.)

See you at the pier. Film rolls at 8:30 (ish).

TREMORS is coming…7/17

11 Jul

“Be advised, however, that there are two more, repeat, two more motherhumpers!”

Oh, yes, that means it is time for TREMORS! And how can you go wrong with a Kevin Bacon flick down at the pier? We say you can’t…

Film rolls at 8:30 p.m. (or thereabouts, depending on sunset), with a pre-feature showing of old Popeye cartoons brought to us by Sunny’s Bar.

The food promises to be tasty — and movie appropriate — with Red Hook Lobster Pound and Movers Not Shakers bringing lobster rolls, lobster BLTs and more.

Need snacks? As always, we will have popcorn from Home/Made for $1 and key lime tarts from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies for $3. (It all goes fast…)

Same rules as always:

  1. There is no bathroom on site. The nearest one is at Fairway. Plan accordingly.
  2. No drinking. Really. The cops ticket.
  3. No bikes on the lawn; lock them up on the fence.
  4. Dogs are welcome, if quiet/on leash.
  5. Lawn chairs only at back of lawn – don’t block people sitting on blankets.

Check out the Tremors trailer on our schedule page.

Just watch out for what’s underground.

We have a winner!

28 Jul

Don’t you wish you could be this cool?

The evening’s sponsor, Movers Not Shakers, raffled off two skateboards to the die-hard fans who stayed to watch Lords of Dogtown despite the torrential downpour that sent us all scurrying to the Red Hook Bait and Tackle.

Hillary and her family stayed to see the skate flick, and she walked away with the coveted board! (First skateboard, first time in a bar, and first rained-out summer movie. We made her some memories.)

Thank you to everyone who braved the dark skies to come out for the movie. And a special thanks to everyone who helped save the equipment and get the party restarted at Bait!

  • George
  • Denise
  • Scott
  • Richie
  • Cristina
  • Mattie
  • Tammy
  • Shannon
  • Graham
  • Barry
  • Karin
  • Lori
  • Mark (for being an excellent sponsor)
  • Kari Godsill Connor (for excellent salmon sliders)


Menu for Lords of Dogtown

26 Jul