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PITCH PERFECT moving to Atelier Roquette!

16 Aug

 3As much as we do everything we can here at Red Hook Flicks to keep our screenings at Valentino, there are some days where the weather is just too dicey. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the radar and it’s showing two stubborn bands of rain heading straight for the pier this evening right during prime set up and screening time. And since our rain space at Atelier Roquette is so incredible (and has a liquor license!) we’re going to head on over there for tonight’s showing of PITCH PERFECT. And don’t worry, Big Red, the Pound’s food truck will be joining us there as well so you all can get your lobster roll fix. See you at Atelier! Screening starts at 8:30.



HIGH FIDELITY . . . moving to Atelier Roquette!

11 Aug

Our screening is on for tonight but given the likelihood of thunderstorms rolling through during show time, we’re officially setting up camp at Atelier Roquette. Ice House will be selling pork sliders and mac cheese, and Atelier will offer a selection of beer and wine. Show starts at 8:30!

When It Comes to Rain . . .

10 Aug


We’ve got game–thanks largely to our sponsors at HOME/MADE who have made their gorgeous event space, Atelier Roquette available to us for foul weather screenings. In a perfect world, would we prefer to watch the sun set over Valentino Pier while enjoying cool breezes off the water and waiting for the evening’s film to begin? Of course! But this is about the best rain location we could ask for–and they have a liquor license. Small bonuses, you know? So while we keep our eyes to the sky for the next screening, you can rest assured that the show will most awesomely go on–rain or shine.