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Tonight! BRING IT ON

19 Jul

Spirit fingers, everyone! Let’s BRING IT ON!

Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union star in this comedy about the perils of cheerleading and coming of age. But really, it’s just good fun — and is one of the few times K.D. actually looks alive and coherent in a film role. (As my friend Stacy says: She couldn’t express falling if you shoved her off the club. But whatev, it’s perfect entertainment for a hot night on the pier.)

The evening’s sponsors are The Good Fork and Red Hook Bait and Tackle. It takes two to bring you a movie of this magnitude! The question is, who are the Toros and who are Clovers?

The Good Fork will be serving TACOS at the pier, so come early and come hungry.

Plus, we’ll have fresh popcorn from Home/Made for $1. Mmmmm.

And here’s Ben and Sohui doing their best Bring It On impression!