July 26, 2011: LORDS OF DOGTOWN

20 Jul

Last week we looked at the subculture of the West Coast cheerleading scene. This week, it’s the 1970s-era skate culture of Venice Beach, with the LORDS OF DOGTOWN. Without the Z-Boys there would be no Tony Hawk.

Aren’t familiar with the flick? Here’s how Sony describes it:

In the 1970s a group of teenage surfers from a tough neighborhood known as “Dogtown” in Venice, California, pioneered a revolutionary new style of skateboarding. Riding the waves at the Pacific Ocean Park pier, the Z-Boys, known for their aggressive style and hard street attitude, combined the death-defying moves of surfing with the art of skateboarding and became overnight sensations and local legends. With empty pools as their canvas, the Z-Boys paved the way to what is now referred to as “extreme sports,” and created a lifestyle that spread infectiously to become a worldwide counterculture phenomenon. But all this fame would take its toll on the friendships that they thought would last a lifetime as the sport that started out as an afternoon hobby turned into big business.

What else do you need to know?

  • Early Heath Ledger
  • It’s based on a true story
  • Lots anger, attitude and shirtless skaters
  • Did we mention shirtless skaters?
  • Bad-ass tricks

Here’s the trailer:

Film rolls around 8:30 p.m., depending on nightfall. There will be popcorn on site from HOME/MADE for just a buck!

The movie is sponsored by MOVERS NOT SHAKERS. Here’s Mark Ehrhardt and his staff doing their best bad-attitude skate impressions:

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