Help Pay Willis’ Vet Bill

17 Aug

Meet Willis. He’s a friend of Red Hook Films. And, as many of you know, a star in Red Hook.

But he was suddenly taken very, very ill (vomit, fever, lethargy, dehydration, the works.) and had to spend the weekend in the emergency vet.

He’s finally on the mend and back home, although the vets don’t know exactly what was wrong. What they do know is that the bill will be, well, huge.

Now, Willis’ mom, Erin, isn’t exactly rolling in cash. She’s been trying to open Grindhaus, a new sausage palace here in Red Hook.

So if anyone has it in their heart to help a girl out, Erin would be most grateful. As would Wills. And so would Red Hook Films, because these are our friends. And friends help each other out.

How do you get to be a part of this love fest, you ask?

DONATE tonight at SPLASH. Look for the bucket by the popcorn booth.


Donate easily via PayPal. It’s that simple.

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