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Photos: Jaws!

5 Aug

More great photos by Allison Hull. (Thanks, Allison!) To see the whole reel, visit the Flickr page.

We had a huge turnout — pushing 300 people — for Jaws, and the most amazing weather and sunset. Plus, Ethan on his Shark Bike was a hit. (I’ve heard requests for a mermaid-themed bike for Splash.)

It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for all of us first-timers to Jaws.

A special thanks to our evening’s sponsor, the Bait and Tackle, for making this all possible.

Shark Bike

4 Aug

The awesome. Need we say more?

(Ok, in case we do: Ethan made a Shark Bike for JAWS, which was showing at Valentino Pier during Shark Week.)

Tonight: JAWS

3 Aug

Turns out, this is “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. Well, there will also be sharks at Valentino Pier. JAWS is finally here.

JAWS turns 35 this year, and we’re ready to celebrate on Tues., Aug. 3.

Come early to get a picnic spot (this promises to be busy!); film will start around 8:30 p.m.

AFTER PARTY: Bait and Tackle, the evening’s sponsor, will be hosting a post-JAWS after party. Get your $1 drink ticket at the movie and then head down to the bar and share a round with fellow JAWS fanatics. There will also be $4 pints of Stella and fish-themed snacks (gummy sharks, gold fish, Swedish fish).

BOOZE: Alcohol is illegal in New York City parks, and the local cops are threatening come by this week and ticket for open containers. Fair warning.

August 3: Jaws

28 Jul

Shark attacks coming to Red Hook Films on August 3, brought to you by the Red Hook Bait and Tackle.

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