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LL Cool J + SamJack!

20 Jul

Tonight’s the night! LL Cool J + SamJack + Red Hook Lobster Pound = the awesome. Seriously, Deep Blue Sea is *so* bad it’s great.

Stroll on down to Valentino Pier about 8 p.m. to stake out a spot. The show will roll around 8:30 p.m.

And don’t worry about running late and not packing a picnic: Tonight’s sponsor, Red Hook Lobster Pound, will be on site selling lobster and shrimp rolls ($15/$8). Plus, we’ll be offering gourmet popcorn from local winebar Home/Made for $1 per bag with proceeds benefitting the series.

We welcome lawn chairs, picnics and well-behaved (read: quiet) dogs on leash.

See you at the movies!

Deep Blue Sea

14 Jul

Goonies was a huge success last night! Nearly 200 people turned up — and it didn’t even rain!

But now it’s time to get ready for next week’s show: DEEP BLUE SEA.

Intelligent sharks set for vengeance. LL Cool J. Cringe-inducing one-liners. What’s not to love?

The Red Hook Lobster Pound is sponsoring the evening and will be on site selling lobster and shrimp rolls. (Take that crustaceans, lest you get any man-eating ideas from the sharks.) Lobster is $15/shrimp $8.

And, we’ll have more Home/Made popcorn on sale for $1, with all proceeds benefiting the film series.

See you at the movies!