Benefit for Yayha

17 Jan

Many of you know Yayha, a long-term fixture in Red Hook. Maybe some of you don’t.

He recently moved to LA a few months ago to pursue his acting career but was called back to the East Coast to deal with some health and family issues. Two weeks after having heart surgery, his family’s home in Maine burned to the ground on Christmas morning.

One person died in the fire and Yayha and his family lost everything.

So the good folk at the Bait & Tackle are organizing a fundraiser for him this Saturday night. There will be gift certificates from the Good Fork and lots of good stuff to get in the raffle.

But, you can also donate to him here. We’re trying to raise enough money to help buy a computer and maybe an iPod since he loves to walk and always has his headphones on.

Can you spare a few bucks to help a fellow Red Hooker in need? Donate via PayPal below.

Note: This is not tax deductible or in any way a charitable donation in any sense other that helping fellow Red Hookers is just an act of charity

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