It’s Always Something…

26 Aug

Today as you all know is the final screening for Red Hook Flicks’ 2014 season. Today is also the day the Parks Department inexplicably began putting up fencing for a capital improvement project with no notice to the community and despite our permits for tonight’s event. How will this effect the screening? Well, thankfully, things were worked out in a mad rush this morning and we can still use the pier, albeit in a constrained fashion, but the larger question on many people’s minds is how does this effect the community in the long term? If you’re a Red Hooker and frustrated by the fact that this is the second park in our neighborhood this year to be fenced off with seemingly no public notice or community involvement–and no timeline for how long we’re being denied access–there are ways to get involved. Council Member Carlos Menchaca is already on the case (you can read his statement here) but it can’t hurt to contact his office and add your voice to the chorus. And several residents have formed a group to try to gain a voice with the parks department. More info here.

In the meantime, come out tonight, enjoy the film, have some great food, support our sponsors, and let’s close the season right!

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