RAIN %$@?! . . . and also, hey, we’ve got BBQ!

13 Aug

UPDATE: RAIN? We’re not afraid of your stinking rain! We are a go at the pier for tonight! The sun is out and things are drying up and we can’t stand the thought of not sitting outside and watching the sun set. Worried about the damp? C’mon, you’re a New Yorker! A Brooklynite!! A Red Hooker!!! Besides, a groundcloth or garbage bag under your blanket does wonders and we’ve got BBQ to keep you warm.

Really!? Another rain out? It’s possible . . . The weather is looking a little iffy to say the least, so what happens if it rains? Why we move the whole thing to Red Hook Bait and Tackle. Check back here for further details. We’ll make the official call by 6:00 PM tonight.

But rain or shine, one thing is for certain: aside from some frozen-tundra terror courtesy of John Carpenter’s THE THING, we will have some dynamite BBQ for dinner thanks to our friend and sponsor Hometown BBQ. The good boys of Hometown will be on hand serving smoked jalapeno and cheddar sausage with spicy whisky sour pickles and potato salad! Delicious.

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