SHAFT (2000) . . . tonight at Bait and Tackle!

23 Jul

One of the tricky things about running an outdoor film series is making that all important rain call–and doing so with enough time to allow our food sponsor and projectionist to switch gears. So, even though things are all blue sky at the moment, the forecast has been looking unsettled enough for tonight (50% chance of thunderstorms plus a coastal flood warning in effect–and you know in Red Hook when it can flood, it will) that we’ve decided we need to move tonight’s festivities to Bait and Tackle.

We’ll kick things off with a classic Popeye short at 8:30 and then on to the main event: SHAFT (2000)! Dinner by Pok Pok (Green papaya salad with coconut rice, sweet shredded pork, fried shallots, and cilantro–$10) and a full bar of options to wash it down with. Now that’s not so bad, is it?

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