SHAFT (2000) . . . tonight at Bait and Tackle!

23 Jul

One of the tricky things about running an outdoor film series is making that all important rain call–and doing so with enough time to allow our food sponsor and projectionist to switch gears. So, even though things are all blue sky at the moment, the forecast has been looking unsettled enough for tonight (50% chance of thunderstorms plus a coastal flood warning in effect–and you know in Red Hook when it can flood, it will) that we’ve decided we need to move tonight’s festivities to Bait and Tackle.

We’ll kick things off with a classic Popeye short at 8:30 and then on to the main event: SHAFT (2000)! Dinner by Pok Pok (Green papaya salad with coconut rice, sweet shredded pork, fried shallots, and cilantro–$10) and a full bar of options to wash it down with. Now that’s not so bad, is it?

SHAFT (2000) . . . Tomorrow!

22 Jul

shaft2Tomorrow at 8:30 it’s SHAFT (2000)–and rain or shine the show will roll at 8:30 PM. Check back here for updates tomorrow afternoon but, if there are storm clouds on the horizon we’ll, as always, be setting up shop at the Bait & Tackle instead.

SHAFT is brought to us by Find Home Furnishing and our food sponsor this evening is Pok Pok Ny. So, while we all eagerly await the opening of Whisky Soda Lounge Ny–not to mention their new (and larger!) space on Columbia Street–we can chow down on some Khao Man Som Tom (Green papaya salad with coconut rice, sweet shredded pork, fried shallots, and cilantro–$10).  And, hey, you know what goes really well with spicy Thai food? Beer.

So, maybe a little rain won’t be a bad thing.

SHAFT (2000) . . . coming July 23!

19 Jul


The ultimate Bad M*th@ F*ck@, Samuel L. Jackson squares off against Christian Bale and Jeffrey Wright in John Singleton’s sequel to the 1971 blaxploitation classic. Richard Roundtree–the original Shaft–makes an appearance alongside Busta Rhymes, Toni Collette, and Vanessa Williams. Shut Your Mouth!

And if you’ve been dying to eat at PokPokNy but the lines have been getting you down then tuesday is your lucky night. SHAFT (2000) is brought to you by Find Home Furnishing and PokPok, who will be on site serving dinner that night. Check back here for menu updates as we have them.

Steve’s Key Lime will be open in their new space across the parking lot serving all their delicious tarts and swingles and we’ll have drinks at the concession stand.

Film rolls at 8:30 (or as soon as its dark enough). A classic Popeye short gets the whole thing started. See you at the pier!

KUNG FU PANDA . . . coming 7/16!

11 Jul

kung fu panda

In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is, well, a little on the portly side. Not to mention lazy. And knows sweet f*%k all about martial arts. But this of course does not stop him from rising to the challenge of becoming a master warrior and leading The Furious Five in a battle against the sinister snow leopard Tai Lung! If you like your martial arts heroes black and white and furry all over, then this one’s for you!

Kung Fu Panda is brought to you by Red Hook Bait and Tackle and The Good Fork.

And what’s on the menu for dinner you might ask? Well, Kung Pao Panda of course!

(We hear it tastes just like chicken.)

And for our vegetarian friends, there’s Kung Pao Tofu!

(Tastes just like panda.)

Both are served with rice and just $7. Yum! And in addition to Steve’s Key Lime Pies, our friend’s from Scout’s Honor Ice Cream will be making the drive all the way from Vermont to bring you their handcrafted frozen treats. Ska-doosh!

Rain! Now What?

9 Jul


So Mother Nature is a fickle mistress and it looks like she’s raining out our opening night screening. But never fear, viewers! We’ll be moving to Bait & Tackle at 320 Van Brunt Street for the screening. And, hey, you know what Bait has that Valentino Pier doesn’t? Beer! Awesome . . .

STAND BY ME . . . Coming 7/9

2 Jul

Stand By Me 1

UPDATE: I swear we look forward to the food each year as much as the films, and the menu from Fort Defiance is finally in hand–Huzzah! For our screening of Stand By Me, Fort D will be serving BLTs made with organic tomatoes and Neuske’s bacon ($8), as well as their dynamite cold brew iced coffee ($3); and home-made gingerade, lemonade, and iced tea (all $2.50).

And don’t forget, if you want a sweet treat to round things off Steve’s Key Lime, located in the parking lot just behind the screening area, will be open late selling all their pies, tarts, and swingles. I can’t imagine anything that would take the sting out of this excessive heat quite like a chocolate-covered, frozen, mini key lime tart on a stick. Oh my!


I know you’ve all got the 4th on your minds but, let’s ponder the real official start of summer, taking place next week: that’s right, Movies on the Pier are back! And after the year Red Hook has had, is there a better film to kick the season off with than Stand By Me? Bask in the eighties goodness for a moment: Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Kiefer Sutherland, and Jerry O’Connell in one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made. (Yes, that’s right, Stand By Me was adapted from a King novella called The Body, which appeared in the same collection as Rita Hayworth and  Shawshank Redemption. Clearly King was on a roll with those two.)

Stand By Me is brought to you by Fort Defiance and Dry Dock Wine + Spirits. Fort D will be on site selling dinner, Steve’s Key Lime will throw open the doors to their new space–conveniently located at the end of Van Dyke Street, just outside the entrance to Coffey Park–and have all of their delicious pies, tarts, and swingles available, and as always we’ll have water and soda for sale, as well.

Now who’s bringing the cherry flavored Pez?

The movies are coming! The movies are coming! But first a friendly reminder about some of the ground rules…

30 Jun


Movie Season is almost upon us, and while we wait for the projector to crank up, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Quiet dogs are welcome.
  2. Lawn chairs are allowed but must be kept to the back of the seating area. Please be courteous.
  3. No drinking. The cops do ticket.
  4. This last one’s not really a rule per se, just something to make note of: there are no bathrooms so plan accordingly. ; (

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